Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Google 360 Tour help my business

A Google Business View – 360 Virtual tour will tremendously enhance your online marketing and branding presence. This is done by allowing searchers to visually experience your businesses and understand your offerings. This is promoted by Google within their search engine, Google Maps , Google Business pages and allows you to reach millions of local customers. So drive traffic to your business today and grow.

What is the cost ?

Pricing is always a one time fee that starts at $300 for smaller businesses and increases based on the size and demands of your business. I offer discounts If you require multiple locations shot or need to reshoot a virtual tour for seasonality purposes.

How long does a Google Streetview photoshoot take ?

On average it only takes about 1-2 hours based on the size of your business and the floor plan that I need to cover for the Google Virtual Tour.

How do I prepare my business for the photoshoot ?

I highly suggest making sure the floor layout of your business or office is neat and highly presentable as if you are opening for a new business day. This will give your best first impressions to customers viewing your online virtual tour.

Will the photoshoot disrupt my business ?

We prefer shooting during off-hours but a photoshoot can take place during normal business hours, we will do our best to avoid customers and be respectful at all times. Accommodations can be made for your photoshoot.

Can I use the Virtual Tour on my website ?

Yes and it is highly recommended to embed the virtual tour on to your business’s website. It is a great marketing tool that can only help your brand and give the customer additional information about who you are. I can offer assistance if needed in placing the virtual tour onto your website.